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Assets Pack #13 – Armor Icons

This is the Armor Icons pack created by Clint Bellanger (opengameart.org), Blarumyrran, crowline (crowlinestudio.com) and Justin Nichol. The pack has a solid base set of armor icons divided into five equipment slots: head, chest, hands…

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Dynamic Texture Atlas Generator

Starling extension that will convert any MovieClip containing Other MovieClips, Sprites or Graphics into a starling Texture Atlas, all in runtime. It can…

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Assets Pack #10 – Grassland Tileset

This is the Grassland Tileset pack (original link) created by Clint Bellanger (opengameart.org), Lamoot, lattice, p0ss, Bart K. (opengameart.org), Blender Foundation (apricot.blender.org) and Sindwiller. There are over 200 tiles for a 64×32 base isometric tile grid,…

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RealtimeGameLib is a simple library for building multiplayer realtime games using P2P (and Flash Media Server). Some of its features: P2P Game class: handles movement, position, mouse position, rotation…

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