Adverts is a native extension  to monetize applications by displaying advertisements. It provides a cross-platform Admob integration for iOS and Android, allowing developers to show/hide adverts according to specified position or auto-alignment options.

It is also possible to manually refresh the advert, which will make the advert update with a new ad request.


Adverts.init( YOUR_DEV_KEY );
Adverts.service.addEventListener( AdvertEvent.RECEIVED_AD, adverts_receivedAdHandler, false, 0, true );
Adverts.service.initialisePlatform( AdvertPlatform.PLATFORM_ADMOB, YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID );

// Showing an Ad
var position:AdvertPosition = new AdvertPosition();
position.verticalAlign   = AdvertPosition.ALIGN_BOTTOM;
position.horizontalAlign = AdvertPosition.ALIGN_CENTER;
Adverts.service.showAdvert( position );

// Hiding

// Refreshing/Updating an Ad
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