AIR-ChromeWindowBlur-ANE is a native extension for Mac/OSX development that uses native graphics to enhance the window SystemChrome option with blur/alpha effects. It overrides some of the properties of AIR Framework and allows Custom Chrome to act as a standard System Chrome, featuring visual blurring and transparency effect powered by Apples Core Graphics API. The blur/alpha effect is a common look and feel for applications in the Yosemit release of Mac OSX.

The extension provides developers with options to control the transparency amount, the blur amount and even the color of the background window. Since it extends Custom Chrome functionality from AIR framework that doesn’t have a title bar, the extension also provides the ability to specify a custom title for the window, alongside other properties like whether or not the window is closable, resizable, maximizable and minimizable.


// create instance for AIR window Core Graphics awesomeness
var win:NativeWinBlur = new NativeWinBlur();

// set window attributes - always goes before enableWindowBlur()
// hasWindowTitle:Boolean=true,
// windowTitle:String="",
// maximizable:Boolean=true,
// minimizable:Boolean=true,
// closable:Boolean=true,
// resizable:Boolean=true
win.setWindowAttributes(true, "Window title", false, true, true, false);

// set effect properties 
// alpha:Number=0.5, blurAmount:uint=50, red:uint=0, green:uint=0, blue:uint=0
win.enableWindowBlur(0.4, 30, 255, 255, 255);
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