ANE-CameraRoll is a native extension to access the CameraRoll of a mobile device (iOS only for now). It has a significant set of methods available, including synchronous and a asynchronous ones. A developer is able to load thumbnails and images differently, which means an application can show a set of small images before loading their full resolution correspondents, for instance.

Some methods receive an index and an amount of images to load, which can be used to create pagination. It’s also possible to load a specific image using its URL. Several methods fire events, e.g. an image was loaded, and some methods are exclusively dedicated to get image information, such as resolution.


public function LoadImagesExample() {
	_roll = new CameraRollExtension();
	// first do the thumbnail size determination
	trace("first the thumbnail default size...");
		function(e:PhotoAppEvent):void {
			var data:PhotoDimensions = as PhotoDimensions;
			trace("thumbnail dimensions are " + data.width + "x" + data.height);
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