ANE-Chartboost is a native extension that allows the use of Chartboost SDK on iOS and Android. Chartboost is a platform that helps developer monetize their games, making money promoting other games or spending money acquiring quality users in the Chartboost network.

Chartboost is based on interstitial, some sort of banner displayed within the game. Using the extension is possible to decide the exact moment to show an interstitial. It’s also possible to cache them, which reduces network use.


public static function getInstance() : AirChartboost;
public function get isChartboostSupported() : Boolean;
public function startSession( appID : String, appSignature : String ) : void;
public function showInterstitial( location : String = null ) : void;
public function cacheInterstitial( location : String = null ) : void;
public function hasCachedInterstitial( location : String = null ) : Boolean;
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