Application is a native extension to access some additional application options that aren’t availble in the default AIR SDK. Using this extension a developer can make an application auto-start on boot, for instance. Among the available options are the ability to use additional display modes, change the iOS status bar styles (i.e. UIStatusBarStyle) for iOS7, control the System Navigation UI (in Android).

The extension also has an API to read the device unique Id, which is provided by several platforms.


var deviceID:String = Application.service.device.uniqueId( Device.VENDOR );
Application.init( DEV_KEY );

if (!Application.service.isAutoStartEnabled()) {

Application.service.addEventListener( ApplicationEvent.UI_NAVIGATION_CHANGED, application_uiNavigationChangedHandler, false, 0, true );
Application.service.setDisplayMode( ApplicationDisplayModes.UI_NAVIGATION_HIDE );
private function application_uiNavigationChangedHandler( event:ApplicationEvent ):void {
    trace( event.type + "::" + event.option );
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