Contact Editor is a native extension that provides access to the address book. It works on iOS and Android devices and allows you to read contact information (name, phones, emails, etc) as well as interacting with the system contact features. You can, for instance, show the native contact picker dialog.

Some features:

  • (iOS only) setContactImage – sets new image used as contact photo
  • (iOS only) getContactBitmapData – returns bitmap data of image used as contact photo
  • (iOS only) addContactInWindow – shows native window for adding new contact
  • (iOS only) showContactDetailsInWindow – shows native window for viewing contact details. If ‘isEditable’ parameter is set to true, enables editing of contact details.
  • pickContact – shows system contact picker, that enables user to select desired contact from list. After selecting the picker is dismissed, and the selected recordId is sent using ContactEditorEvent.CONTACT_SELECTED
  • getContactCount – gets the number of contacts in AddressBook
  • getContacts – gets contacts from AddressBook (name, lastname, compositename, phones, emails, recordid, birthdate, (NEW) addresses)
  • addcontact – adds contact to AddressBook
  • removeContact – removes contact with specified recordId
  • isSupported – returns if ane is supported on current platform
  • getContactsSimple – gets contacts from AddressBook(compositename, recordid), shoud be faster than getContacts, because it requires less processing.
  • getContactDetails – gets details for specified contact


public function addContact(name:String,lastname:String="",phone:String="",company:String="",email:String="",website:String=""):void
public function getContacts():Array
public function pickContact(type:String=null):void
public function setContactImage(bitmapData:BitmapData,recordId:int):void
public function getContactBitmapData(recordId:int):BitmapData
public function addContactInWindow():void
public function showContactDetailsInWindow(recordId:int,isEditable:Boolean=false):void
public function canclePickContact():void
public function getContactsSimple():Array
public function getContactDetails(recordId:int):Object
public function dispose():void{
public function getContactCount():int
public function removeContact(recordId:int):Boolean
public static function get isSupported():Boolean
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