ezSpeech is a native extension that provides voice to mobile applications on iOS and Android. The extension does not use online services, instead it works offline using the TTS engine (text to speech) of the device. The API allows developers to customize the output audio, adjusting elements as speed and language.

Regarding the language selection, on Android, if a specific TTS voice file is not installed and internet connection is available, the ANE will download and install it automatically. On iOS, all voices supported by the extension are pre-installed.


import com.fabricemontfort.air.ezSpeech;
import com.fabricemontfort.air.ezspeech.languages;
var tts:ezSpeech = ezSpeech.instance;
if (tts.isSupported()) {
    tts.say("Hello. This is a sample application!");
    tts.say("Bonjour. Ceci est un example d'application!");
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