Google Analytics is a native extension to use the Google Analytics API. It was developed using a complete native solution, so it works exactly the same on iOS and Android. Based on a simple API, developers need only a few lines of code to start tracking, having the entirety of Google’s powerful mobile analytics suite available.

The extension provides developers with a significant amount of information, which is extremely useful to gain valuable insight into the path the users take through the game or app. It’s possible to identify problem areas in purchases or gameplay to improve conversions and profits, measure and analyze any user interaction (button clicks, in-game item use, and more), accurately track how long events take in your game (load times, session lengths, and so on). It’s also useful to measure social interactions, demographics such as country of origin, time of day usage peaks, device, and operating system, along with Real time reporting of errors and exceptions in the app.


public function create(defaultTrackerID:String):GAnalytics;
public function forceDispatchHits():void;
public function getDryRun():Boolean;
public function getOptOut():Boolean;
public function getTracker(trackerId:String):GATracker;
public function isSupported():Boolean;
public function etDryRun(isDryRun:Boolean):void;
public function setOptOut(isOptedOut:Boolean):void;
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