GooglePlus-ANE is a native extension to use Google+ sharing capabilities. It is available for Android and iOS and allows developers to share content to Google+ directly from withing the application. The API can be used to authenticate (sign-in and sign-out) a user and share content, as well as check all those procedures using event.

On iOS, however, there isn’t a login screen, so users are redirected to the Google+ app. If it is not installed, the Google+ website will be displayed via Safari. Once the login is completed, the user is redirected back to the application. After that users won’t leave anymore your application. On Android, the users don’t have to leave the application to share content.


var _googlePlus:GooglePlus;

_googlePlus = new GooglePlus();
_googlePlus.addEventListener(GooglePlusEvent.LOGIN_FAILED, _loginFailed);
_googlePlus.addEventListener(GooglePlusEvent.LOGIN_SUCCESSED, _loginSuccessed);
_googlePlus.addEventListener(GooglePlusEvent.POST_NOT_SHARED, _postNotShared);
_googlePlus.addEventListener(GooglePlusEvent.POST_SHARED, _postShared);
_googlePlus.addEventListener(GooglePlusEvent.DISCONNECTED, _disconnected);

// Login
if (!_googlePlus.isAuthenticated()) {
} else {

// Share
if (_googlePlus.isAuthenticated()) {
	_googlePlus.share("Text title", "http://my/url", new _logoBitmap().bitmapData);

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