GoViral Social integrates Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail with your app. Tap the power of the Facebook graph, invite friends to your app, authenticate your users with Facebook Single Sign-On, post message and images to the user’s wall. The entire Facebook API is at your fingertips through a simple interface.

You can also Tweet any information or e-mail something with image attachments.

List of features:

  • Three powerful extensions in one: Facebook, Twitter, and Email
  • Integrates with the official Facebook app and website for authentication
  • Send Facebook invitations- recipients are directed straight back to your app, or the App Store!
  • Exposes the entire Facebook Graph API through AS3
  • Convenient one line functions for common Facebook tasks like invites and wall posts
  • Native Facebook dialogs and UI with the Official Facebook iOS SDK
  • Send email messages to friends, with image attachments
  • Post scores or other status updates to Twitter
  • Complete sample application, as3 docs, and getting started guide included
  • Step-by-step illustrated guide to Facebook Developer site set-up
  • 100% Native iOS solution
  • 1 year of free email support and updates


public function AmazonPurchase();
public function GoViral(logCallback:Function = null)
public function authenticateWithFacebook(permissions:String):void
public function create():GoViral
public function dispose():void
public function facebookGraphRequest(graphPath:String, httpMethod:String = GET, params:Object = null):void
public function facebookPostPhoto(message:String, image:BitmapData):void
public function initFacebook(appId:String, urlSchemeSuffix:String):void
public function isFacebookAuthenticated():Boolean
public function isSupported():Boolean
public function isTweetSheetAvailable():Boolean
public function logoutFacebook():void
public function requestFacebookFriends(extraParams:Object = null):void
public function requestMyFacebookProfile():void
public function showBasicTwitterPostDialog(message:String):void
public function showEmailComposer(subject:String, toWhom:String, body:String, isBodyHtml:Boolean):void
public function showEmailComposerWithBitmap(subject:String, toWhom:String, body:String, isBodyHtml:Boolean, bitmapData:BitmapData):void
public function showFacebookFeedDialog(name:String, caption:String, message:String, description:String, linkUrl:String = null, imageUrl:String = null):void
public function showFacebookRequestDialog(message:String, title:String = null, data:String = null, filters:String = null, to:String = null, excludeIds:String = null, frictionless:Boolean = false):void
public function showTweetSheet(message:String):void
public function showTweetSheetWithImage(message:String, image:BitmapData):void
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