Image Filters is a native extension to use iOS Core Image framework with image filters. The extension comes with 90+ built-in image filters such as blurs, color adjustments, color effects, image blending, distortions, just to name a few.

It also has a low-level API, which comes with 30+ classes and 240+ methods. It can read images from CameraUI and CameraRoll and auto-rotates according to orientation in image EXIF data. The Camera preview auto-rotates according to the orientation of the device, which fixes the problem that AIR captures only in landscape mode on mobile devices. The extension implements the iOS Core Image framework, however it does not include the face detection functionalities.


var coreimage:CoreImage = new CoreImage();
imageFilter = new ImageFilter();
imageFilter.bloom(10.0, 1.0).colorInvert(); // chain them up
var image:BitmapData = imageFilter.render(bitmapData.rect);
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