iOSNativeUtilities is a native extension that provides a set of native utilities for iOS. It currently supports unzip, access to settings bundle and nslog. The settings bundle allows you create a custom settings tab under the iOS “Settings” app, producing a move native experience for users.


//Settings bundle
//Add Settings.bundle (yes, on windows it is a directory) to your application and include it in building options
    var nativeUtils:NativeUtils=new NativeUtils();
//you should alwas load defaults before accesing the values, this will not override any values, that are already set
//if you don't load the defaults the application may crash when trying to access a value, that was not set
//if you want to retrieve a string:
    var mySetting:String=nativeUtils.settings.getStringValue("settingKeyFromBundle");
//if you want to retrieve a number:
    var mySetting:Number=nativeUtils.settings.getNumberValue("settingKeyFromBundle");
//if you want to retrieve an int:
    var mySetting:Int=nativeUtils.settings.getIntValue("settingKeyFromBundle");
//if you want to retrieve a Boolean:
    var mySetting:Number=nativeUtils.settings.getBooleanValue("settingKeyFromBundle");
//you can also set the values by using
    nativeUtils.settings.setStringValue("settingKeyFromBundle","my value");
//in iOS >5 synchronize should be called automatically, but you can also do this manually to commit the changes

// unzip
var _nativeUtils:NativeUtils;
if(NativeUtils.isSupported && !_nativeUtils)
    _nativeUtils=new NativeUtils();

// nslog
var nativeUtils:NativeUtils=new NativeUtils();
nativeUtils.nslog("Your message");
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