RateApp is a native extension to help users rate an application. The extension prompts the user to rate the application after a period of time or after a specific number of launches. It is possible to set the value for how many days the extension has to wait until it is able to show the rating dialog box.

It’s also possible to set the value for how many launches until the rating dialog is displayed. The extension allows developers to adjust the rating parameters and texts, which results in a more engaging experience for the user.


import com.doitflash.air.extensions.rateApp.Rate;

var _ex:Rate = new Rate();

// NOTE: if Google Play was not installed on the user device, you
// can't set the Rating dialog box, to rate an app device needs to
// have access to Google Play... so just return
if (!_ex.isGooglePlayInstalled) return; 

// NOTE: if user has already rated then there's no need to continue
// and set Rate dialog box parameters anymore... he has already
// rated your app!
if (_ex.isAppRated) return; 

// ok, user has started your app and has not rated your app yet,
// set the needed parameters if this is the first time user has
// launched the app, then set the install date
if (_ex.numLaunch == 0) _ex.setInstallDate(); 
// add one time to the app launches number

// after how many days you want to fire the dialog box?
_ex.daysToFireDialogBox = 3; 

// after how many launches you want to fire the dialog box?
_ex.launchesToFireDialogBox = 20;

// ok, this if statment won't happen until the date that the
// Rating dialog box should be fired and if the rating time has
// arrived, this if statement will happen again and again on
// app launches as far as user clicks "Ask Later" or doesn't
// rate your app...
if (!_ex.isAppRated && _ex.isRatingTime && _ex.askForRating) {
    _ex.setDialogBox("Rate Us!", "Did you enjoy our app? We really appreciate if you rate us", "Rate", "Ask Later", "Never Ask");
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