VideoRoll is a native extension for accessing saved videos. Using this extension it’s possible to display the video roll dialog and read information related to the video that has been selected by the user. The extension provides methods to read the video as a ByteArray stream, check its length, generate a thumbnail of any frame or the video itself (as BitmapData) and much more.

The extension can return a URL to a selected video location, set a custom label on the video roll screen, use the native iOS video trimmer, set a max length on a video and create multiple thumbnails from an array of times.


protected function showVideoRoll():void {
    var videoRoll:VideoRoll = VideoRoll.instance; // Acquire an instance
    videoRoll.addEventListener(VideoRollEvent.ON_VIDEO_SELECT, handleVideoSelect); // Dispatched on video select
    videoRoll.openVideoRoll(); // Open the video roll

private function handleVideoSelect(e:VideoRollEvent):void { // this will not return a thumbnail or video ByteArray
    e.videoUrl //Video URL
    e.videoLength //Video Length
    var f:File = new File(e.videoUrl); // The location is returned in the event
    var ba:ByteArray = new ByteArray(); // Create a ByteArray to load the video into
    var fs:FileStream = new FileStream();, FileMode.READ); 
    fs.readBytes(ba, 0, fs.bytesAvailable); // Read the video into the BA
Air Native Extension, iOS. URL.