2D Circle Graphic by Daniel Cook (lostgarden.com)

This is the 2D Circle Graphic pack (original source) composed of 33 files that can be used in a 2D Zelda-like RPG game, for instance. It was created by Daniel Cook, from lostgarden.com. According to the author:

  • The shadow tiles had a total of three levels of transparency built in so that you could get a deliciously extravagant soft shadow. The plan was to have some sweet assembly code that shifted our 8-bit palette by different amounts for each indexed shadow color. Soft shadows weren’t even a buzz word at that point.
  • You could have objects on top of other objects. Instead of drawing a table tile with a candle drawn into it, the candle could be a separate object layered on top of the table.
  • They were drawn in Painter 2.0 using a pressure sensitive tablet. They were my first graphics drawn in Painter. I never went back to Deluxe Paint again. :-)


This pack is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The author also has a license page that explains its use a little bit further.

Art attributions

If you use this pack, please include the following attribution in a visible location along with any other credits:

"2D Circle Graphic" art by Daniel Cook (Lostgarden.com)

When possible link to blog post that discusses the original art collection. For this asset pack, it would be “2D Circle Graphic” art by Daniel Cook (Lostgarden.com)

About the artist

Daniel Cook
I’ve been a game designer, pixel artist, toolmaker, physicist and MBA. My first job in college was on a game called Tyrian at a tiny company called Epic Megagames. These days, I’m the Chief Creative Officer at Spry Fox.

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