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This is the Iron Plague pack (original source) created by Daniel Cook, from  The package was created to be used in a Sinistar clone;  since it was a space game, the number of tile sets is rather limited. According to the author, below is a list of graphics in the package:

  • ActGrid: Spawn point for player’s ship
  • Barrel: Repulses the players ship if it gets near
  • Base: Spawn enemy drones
  • Beacon (Destroyed, Searching, Red Alert) Sensor that looks for any enemy
  • Beacon2: Alternative sensor type
  • Blood: Splots of animated blood if you kill a space man.
  • Bomb1: Classic pulsating bomb. Exploded with great force, inevitably.
  • Bship: Battleship with cool rotating turrets. This thing was 3 times as large as your ship!
  • Bubble: What the hell?
  • Bullets: 6 types of bullets, each with 3 levels of power.
  • More bullets: Powerups and different color bullets for rock, paper, scissor attacking action.
  • Canister: The crate lives! Holds powerup, naturally
  • Cargo1: Ook? Alien nasty.
  • Cargo1b: Alien nasty damaged
  • Cargo2: Another cargo ship
  • Check: Checkpoint. When the player reaches this checkpoint, they regen from this location.
  • Crystal1: The cash of the game. The evil drones use this to make the Killer.
  • Crystal2: You have to realize that we didn’t have the ability to rotate things easily. This was a radical attempt to create 16 rotational positions. 8-bit technology at it’s peak.
  • Debris: The stuff that spews out when an asteroid is mined by drones
  • Debris2,3: More of the same.
  • Doomsday: Think of this as very nasty big bomb. If you hit it, the entire screen went ‘foomp’ and no more little player.
  • Drone: These little fellows run about gathering crystals in order to build the Killer. They’ll orbit an asteroid, fire at it until a crystal appears and take it out.
  • Drone2: A more efficient type of drone
  • Exhaust1, 2, and 3: This flame comes out the back of a spaceship.
  • Explode1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: Ah, the glory of highly animated explosions with 1-bit alpha.
  • Face1: This fellow was the store keeper when you bought upgrades.
  • Factory: An enemy installation that made drones
  • Factory2: An enemy installation that made super drones
  • Factory 3: This is where the Killer was built.
  • Factory 4b: This is where the mini-Killer was built.
  • Flame: Fireballs stolen from Mario, no doubt
  • Flamer: Everything you need to make a flame thrower of death and burnination
  • Font: I’m in awe. Font with *high light selection*
  • Formref1: Reference on how formations worked. Galaga, move on over.
  • Gamemenu: The basic menu for the game. Check out those gears.
  • GravBcon: A gravitational beacon that sucked the player towards the deadly rocks.
  • GravGrid: Bubbles in space that acted as a simple form of terrain. Very fun.
  • Guard: These trigger happy campers guarded the drones. No one ever said plot was important to video games, dammit.
  • Gun: It looks more like a blimp, but this fired out little round bullets in streams.
  • Hiscore: Enter your name, record your score. If we had come out a few years later, we would have licenced some sweet Tony Hawk punk/death/metal sellout music for this screen.
  • Hunter1, 2: Attackers that come straight at you.
  • Items: All the great powerups you could get. I have no clue what they do, but I like shiny things. (Let’s see: Generators to improve energy recharge, shields, health, rubber duckies, various weaspons, and the Amiga Checkmark)
  • Junkdrtst: Energy gates
  • Joystick: Back in the day you needed to calibrate your joystick. These are the interface graphics.
  • Junk: Destructable junk that acted as mazes for the level. You could blow holes in it…cause that’s fun.
  • Keyboard: Keyboard configuration
  • Killer: Ode to Sinistar, my ass. Talk about exact copy. This happy looking fellow was a pain in the arse once he came to life.
  • Killer2: The mini-killer. Not quite a munchkin, but still damn sexy. His eyes would slowly come alight as he was built. He could also split apart when he was built.
  • Knife: Um…seems rather morbid.
  • Launcher: Another enemy ship. This one flew around spawning little ships
  • Mage: A logo for our team
  • Main: The intial interface. We went with a much more minimalist look in the end.
  • Main2: The final minimalist UI
  • MainMenu: Yet another menu template
  • Mine: These fellows floating around caused mucho pain
  • Missle: Hmm. Sloppy, sloppy. The high light is off in the lower left corner.
  • Mouse: UI for selecting mouse control.
  • Names: All the cool folks in our development team. I still talk to Leinad (music), and wReam (Hmm…what did he do?) and Zoombapup (programmer…he ended up working on Worms for ages)
  • Nebula: Gotta have background graphics
  • Options: The options screen. In the end, it is all about ‘Exit to DOS’
  • Pointer: The mouse pointer. It changed when you clicked.
  • PShip2: The player ship. I spent time on the 16 rotational animations so that it would be smooooothy. Like the fine inner thigh of a lovely amazonian princess right after a day of mudbaths and waxing. I was such a proud young artist.
  • Rock: An asteroid that contains crystals and be blown to smithereens.
  • Ship: One of my first attempts at 3D graphics. This took ages to render on a pirated copy of 3ds running in the old computer lab. I think we ran it on the fastest machine on campus, a 486.
  • Ship2: Sweet!
  • Ship3, 4, 5, and 6: Enemy! (Really, all the explanation that was needed)
  • ShipGun: Imagine this…a ship with a rotating turret. Man, that would be so cool.
  • Smasher: Ever have those days when the programmer laughs and laughs and laughs at you? This enemy had an animated energy ball on a chain. Add some primitive physics and you put that little cutie from Kill Bill to shame.
  • Spaceman: When certain ships where destroyed, little guys fell out. They really only existed to be shot. I think I stole the idea from the joy of running over little people in the Amiga game “Firepower.”
  • Spacestor: If you made it here, you could buy cool stuff
  • Spike: Dangerous walls
  • Store3: The interface for the store.
  • Sun: The central sun that all this junk floated around. If you fell in, you got hurt. Flares flew out of it periodically.
  • Teleport: A jump gate between sections of the map
  • Test1: A mockup showing the store in action
  • Test2: A mockup showing the game in action
  • Warp: No clue
  • Wave: A giant gun that fired huge waves of fire at the player.
  • Worm: A squirmy worm creature.


This  pack is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The author also has a license page that explains its use a little bit further.

Art attributions

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"Iron Plague" art by Daniel Cook (

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About the artist

Daniel Cook
I’ve been a game designer, pixel artist, toolmaker, physicist and MBA. My first job in college was on a game called Tyrian at a tiny company called Epic Megagames. These days, I’m the Chief Creative Officer at Spry Fox.

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