Flox is a backend solution that offers analytics, log & error introspection, leaderboard & highscores, player support and data storage.

Flox brings a useful set of analytics right out-of-the-box, including custom events. The log and error system collects the log files of game installations, allowing developers to analyze those logs within the Flox web interface. The player system is designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any platform (e.g. facebook, GameCenter, Twitter, Kongregate and many others). It allows players to play as guests or authenticated using a gamer-safe email login mechanism.

The entity system allows the application to store, load and query for the data saved in the player’s names (useful for achievements, preferences, scores, etc). The storage has an owner and permission system that makes it easy to share data between players.  The leaderboard and highscore system allows players to compete against each other on as many global leaderboard as desired. It’s possible to submit and retrieve player’s highscores to and from the Flox backend.


//Analytics: e.g. which level your players reach
Flox.logEvent("LevelStarted", { Level: 12 });

//Submit log entries
Flox.logInfo("Player {0} lost a life.", player);
Flox.logWarning("Something fishy is going on!");

//login, access and logout a player
Player.loginWithKey("myForeignKeyWhichMayVeryWellBeFromFacebook", onComplete);
var currentPlayer:Player = Player.current;

//Entities e.g. create a new savegame
var savegame:Savegame = new Savegame();
savegame.inGameProgress = 0.1;

//1st param is the leaderboards ID, 2nd is the score, 3rd is the current players name
Flox.postScore("default", 999, "Johnny");
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