February is gone and it’s time for 1GAM Developers Spotlight #2. It was a busy month but I received even more games to review this time, what is awesome! In case you miss the spotlight #1, take a look here.

1GAM is running smooth and strong, with lots of developers exchanging motivation, ideas and feedback on Twitter. Keep up the great work guys! Now let’s cut to the games, all of them sent as February entries for 1GAM.

Song Run, by Aaron Clifford


This game combines a shoot ’em up mechanics with music. You must control the ship using the keyboard, aiming with the mouse cursor. Depending on the song that is playing (really nice techno ones) you will get more or fewer enemies to hit.

The easy songs/levels are manageable, but it gets really crowded with time. Additionally you must pay attention to the obstacles. I like shoot ’em up games and loved the mouse aiming thing in Song Run. It’s was nice addition.

Davis S.G. Saves the Day, by Ben Whitman


This is by far the game with the funniest story ever! You play as Davis, a renegade indie game maker living in the year 2033, when Apple has vanished and Flash has become the supreme standard for everything (haha!).

Davis can jump and move left/right. When you press space he shoots a Flash icon bullet. The enemy is a huge black bird able to perform several movement patterns. It even spits something like a fire-ball. A funny game.

FretWork, by Alex Midgley


FretWork is a clever puzzle with an outstanding and relaxing soundtrack. You must rotate the pieces to connect side ports for points. At the beginning I was a little bit lost, but after a while I figured it out.

I played the time mode (score as much as possible within 5 min) and the movement count mode (rotate pieces until you run out of moves). This is a nice puzzle if you like to spend more time thinking than acting.

Excitement, by Loren Bednar


This game is a great re-interpretation of Missile Command, the (very) old Atari game. Instead of missiles you must intercept stars using particles. Moving the mouse through the field combine the particles, improving your defense.

If a star hits the ground, you receive a massive amount of colored feedback :) I loved the vibrant colors and glow effects in the screen. It’s a nice abstract action game.

Square Madness, by Daniel Albu


In this game you use the mouse cursor to control a rotating black square. Every time it touches another black square, they merge and your square becomes bigger. You must avoid the red squares.

Every square has a different velocity so you must pay close attention to avoid mistakes. The bigger your square becomes, the harder it is to dodge the enemy red squares. The game is a great option to spend your free time and have fun. (Note: I know this is a HTML5 game, but Daniel is a talented Flash developer too :)).

Gerard Scooter, by ALCHYMI


This Android game is full of action, speed and puke (I kid you not!). In the game you must guide Gerard scooter ensuring it does not fall into the group. The driver is a little bit drunk, so the harder he hits the ground, the higher are the chances he will puke.

The impressive part is that Alchymi made this game in two weeks (!) using Citrus engine. Kudos to you, man! The game is funny and smooth to play.


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