This is 1GAM Developers Spotlight #3 presenting some games made during March. I know it’s a bit late to post about games made in March because we are in May already, but I’ve been really busy (including my own 1GAM work! :D).

In case you miss the previous developer spotlights, you can check #1 and #2. Below are the reviewed games, all sent as March entries for 1GAM.

Insane Spacewalk, by P. Barberz

This is really an insane spacewalk! You control an astronaut using a jet-pack to fly along the way. You must press the space key to thrust. At the beginning it’s easy to fly around because there is plenty of room available.

As you progress things start to become a bit claustrophobic. You must pay attention to the sharp edges (at the top and bottom of the screen) and carefully fly through the often narrow passages. When I thought everything was under control, I was surprised by an “inverse gravity” ray. Suddenly the astronaut was upside down, pretty cool! :) The game is polished and has nice retro graphics, sfx and music. It was made using Flixel.

Spin, by Alex Midgley


This is a Zuma like game but with several cool and clever additions. If I had to classify Spin into a category that would be a “rotating match-3 breakout pong stuff” 😀 Seriously! Alex did a great job combining those mechanics. You control a movable platform at the bottom of the screen, using the mouse to aim and toss the balls.

Every time three balls of the same color get in contact you score. The balls you toss will bounce on the screen, so you can aim at any side of the “blob”. In order to make things harder the mass of balls keeps rotating and multiplying over time. Spin is fun and hard to stop playing after you start.

Blackguard, by MrBeastDesign and SirJson


Blackguard is a tactic game with a mystery atmosphere. You must open the treasure boxes inside the rooms, but you cannot be caught by the guards. A guard monitors a specific area of the screen (a cone) and he looks at different spots every few seconds (pretty much like in Commandos).

Sometimes you can avoid being spotted by the guards and can progress through the room, but at some point it’s impossible to walk unnoticed. When it happens you can make some noise, so the guards will be alarmed and will check the source of that sound. That’s when you find a way thorough and progress :). Blackguard has nice graphics and is a great option for players that enjoy tactics.

The game was not made using Flash, it was made using SFML.


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