I am pleased to announce the availability of api.as3gamegears.com, a web API for accessing all As3GameGears data.

The most important resource As3GameGears has is its data, a collection of tools with links, samples, licenses and more, all categorized. With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to make all that data accessible though an API.

I always wanted to create an API, but I never had anything worth sharing. Now that I have, I decided to make that side-project come true. First I got some design and structure inspiration from StackOverflow API, which I believe is a good API. After I used Restler (multi-protocol REST API Server written in PHP) for the REST stuff. Finally I wrote some code to synchronize the API and As3GameGears databases.

It was a nice goal to accomplish. I’ve learned a lot about APIs and WordPress database structure. The next step is the development of some widgets, so I can use the API.

You can check the As3GameGears API source code at Github.

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