AS3Commons project is dedicated to one principal goal: creating and maintaining reusable ActionScript 3.0 components. This is a place for collaboration and sharing, where developers from throughout the community can work together on projects to be shared.

Some libraries:

  • Concurrency: pseudo-threading support;
  • Lang: language utilites and extensions;
  • Logging: an abstraction over logging framework implementations. Being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any Flash/Flex/AIR project. Its use is recommended for use with other libraries/framework trying to be logging framework agnostic.
  • Reflect: a reflection API for ActionScript 3.0. Being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any Flash/Flex/AIR project.
Apache 2.0
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Flash-console is a debugger/logger for flash, flex and AIR. It runs in the same flash you want to use logging on or use remoting to print logs on a flash remote (running on AIR / EXE / swf / swf in html – your choice).

The main advantage of console is that you can password protect and hide the console during beta / user testing stage of your flash project. This gives developers the ability to go into console on-site and see the traces. No special browser or player version is required to use. Console gives you access to flash objects and properties via commandLine, so narrowing down bugs, manipulating properties and variables can be very easy. Console can also track objects to see if they have been garbage collected during run time.

Apache 2.0

AS3 SWF Profiler

AS3 SWF Profiler applies a profiler option to the right click Flash Context Menu which allows you to debug or track the current FPS or memory used by your SWF. Further to this it also stores a configurable history length of the frame rate and memory performance for the SWF.

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FLARManager is a lightweight framework that makes it easier to build FLARToolkit augmented reality applications for Flash. it is compatible with a variety of 3D engines (currently: Alternativa3DAway3DPapervision3D, and Sandy3D), and provides a more robust event-based system for managing marker addition, update, and removal. It supports detection and management of multiple patterns, and multiple markers of a given pattern.

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Flare3D is a real time 3D Engine for FLash optimized for web, games and animations. Flare3D bridges the gap between Autodesk® 3Ds Max® and Flash through an integrated explorer.

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AS3Dmod is a library of modifiers for 3d objects. A modifier is an function used to modify a 3d object. Currently AS3Dmod contains 7 modifiers:

  1. Bend – bends on object along an axis
  2. Noise – deforms an object in a random manner
  3. Skew – skews an object along one or more axes
  4. Taper –
  5. Bloat – Bloats the mesh by forcing vertices out of specified sphere
  6. Perlin – Generates a perlin noise bitmap and displaces vertices based on the color value of each pixel of the noise map
  7. Twist – twists the mesh around it’s center point

AS3Dmod also features an abstract layer and a simple plug-in architecture that allows the modifiers to work with most of the popular Flash 3d engines.

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Infinity3D is a powerful 3D engine written in AS3. It has a wide range of features, but all documenation is available in russian.

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purepdf is a porting of the java iText library. purepdf is a complete pdf library for actionscript which allows to read and create pdf document from any running swf files. It supports almost all the pdf features:

  • added example for creating alpha gradient colors.
  • support for pdf viewers display options
  • alpha transparency
  • layers and layers membership
  • support for pdf text rendering.
  • tables ( nested tables, page split tables, table with images, etc…)
  • slide show
  • page transitions
  • annotations
  • patterns, shadings patterns (linear and gradient), spot colors, rgb color and cmyk color
  • linear and radial gradients with alpha.
  • forms (user input forms, textfields, combo box, list, checkbox).
  • paragraphs, phrases, chunks for text manipulation
  • image patterns
  • lists
  • basic and advanced paths
  • images ( png, tif, jpeg, bitmapdata, gif, animated gifs)
  • afm, otf, pfm, ttc and ttf fonts (embedded and not embedded)
  • metadata, page header and footers
  • external, internal links
  • barcodes creation ( ean-ucc 13, ucc-12, ean-ucc-8, upc-e, pdf 417, ean supplements)
  • unicode, cjk fonts
  • file attachments
  • arabic RTL writing
  • javascript
  • multi column text
  • page labels
  • vertical text
  • read existing pdf documents (extract strings, streams, images and all the informations from them).
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AlivePDF is an open-source ActionScript 3 (Flash, Flex, AIR) PDF generation library ported from the FPDF PHP project. It allows you to generate PDF’s 100% client-side.

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AS3 Zip Library

AS3 Zip Library is a tool for reading and writing zip files.It does not require a script to preprocess a zip and inject Addler32 checksums, because it implements a deflate compression decoder (inflater). Some of the features:

  • Read or write zip files
  • Interface based on Java API ( package)


ARtisan is the fastest and easiest way from point A to point B in browser based augmented reality. With ARtisan, the developer needs no knowledge of the inner workings of augmented reality to create in-depth, interactive AR experiences.

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AS3GIF lets you play and encode animated GIF’s with ActionScript 3.

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As3mathlib is intended to provide a rudimentary numerical analysis toolkit for the Actionscript/Flex programming environment. It is based off of the WIS Actionscript 2 libraries. This library includes support for:
  • Geometric Objects and Intersection calculations;
  • Integral and Differential equation calculations;
  • Bezier, Quadric, Polynomial, Complex, Vector and Matrix calculations;
  • Symbolic expression parsing.
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ASAP Library

ASAP Library is a Rich Internet Application library for the development of maintainable, multi-movie, interactive applications. Provides practical, reusable, pattern-based solutions for common challenges in Flash applications.

Apache 2.0
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Wrapper is a cross-browser compliant HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page. Wrapper eliminates cross-browser issues and makes integrating ActionScript and HTML/CSS projects possible without needing to compile every change.
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