UPDATE: the winner was @NateJC. Check this blog post for more info.

I am thrilled to announce the first As3GameGears raffle! In order to make a great start, the prize for this raffle is a $99.00 ANE package containing 11 (eleven!) Air Native Extensions for Android and/or iOS. The prize was sponsored by the nice guys at Distriqt, thank you!

What’s in the ANE package?

The package has the following native extensions:

How do I join the party?

To join the raffle just tweet using the hashtag #oddAs3MethodName and show the world the most unusual/funny/different name you already used (or will use) to create an AS3 method.

Check the tweet below:



The winner will be randomly selected using Twicket (a Twitter hashtag raffle tool) on Saturday, the 21th, July 2012, during the morning. Please remember this is just a recreational moment, not rocket science. If you think there is anything wrong with this raffle (the selection method, the way to participate, etc), you are free to not join it :)

What’s going on right now


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