During my working days at Decadium, I’ve used and coded several game engines. When I left the company and started playing as an indie game developer, I heard a lot about this Flash game engine called Flixel. It has to be good, so I gave it a shot.

Flixel was the very first open-source Flash game engine I used. I was amazed by its simplicity and power, not mentioning the huge community and the amount of documentation available. Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman built Flixel using several pieces of games he worked on; he did a hell of a job and I’m very grateful for that: thanks, Adam!

A few months ago I decided to invest more time to seriously learn Flixel, but I noticed it hasn’t received any updates within the last months. After a quick search I realized there was more people talking about that, so I got in touch with IQAndreas and moly and emailed Adam offering help to maintain Flixel.

Enters Flixel Community

Adam was extremely busy and, long story short, he kindly guided and motivated us to start a fork of Flixel. Adam himself encouraged us to grow a community version and maintain it to our heart’s content, even offering it as an alternative to Flixel. That was really cool!

Since that day, we started working on Flixel Community, a community driven version of Flixel. It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve crushed about 57 issues that were open on Flixel’s repo, received bug reports, contributions and attention from other Flixel users.

I must say it’s been an amazing experience! There are just a few issues currently open and we are heading to our very first community release.

Future plans

There are a lot of suggestions in the Flixel Community issue tracker. We plan to get on them as soon as we fix those last remaining bugs.

If you like Flixel as much as we do, please help us out! Even the smallest gesture can make the difference. You can help us test the current state of the development branch, report bugs, help us test pull requests or create your own changes to the engine and issue a pull request!

Stay tuned for more info on Flixel Community development!

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