Game Dissection #001: Numbers Toys

Guest post by game developer Roberto Peña. It is part of a series called Game Dissection, which aims to inspire and enlight game…

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New series: Game Dissection

Right after I became a (professional) game developer, I noticed some strange thoughts in my head while I was playing any game. Instead of simply enjoying the game,…

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Some words about Flixel Community

During my working days at Decadium, I’ve used and coded several game engines. When I left the company and started playing as an indie game developer, I heard…

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iOS packaging failed against AIR 3.8

The new AIR 3.8 SDK has some very interesting features, such as 4096 texture support. However when compiling and packaging apps for iOS against AIR 3.8, if the…


As3GameGears turned three years old!

I am really excited to say that As3GameGears turned three years old in May! The better way to start this post is by saying a huge, a colossal…


Please choose a license for your code

When I started working at my own company, I’ve learned a lot of things related to code and the aspects that surround it. One of those aspects is…

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What is 1GAM for beginners?

Guest post by Michel Soares Tartas, a talented indie game developer and my student. He is starting his career as a game developer and decided to…

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1GAM journey update

I want to report my progress about 1GAM. Since we are in May the 1GAM journey has reached the 1/3 mark. First of all I want to say…

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1GAM Developers Spotlight #3

This is 1GAM Developers Spotlight #3 presenting some games made during March. I know it’s a bit late to post about games made in March because we are…


1GAM Developers Spotlight #2

February is gone and it’s time for 1GAM Developers Spotlight #2. It was a busy month but I received even more games to review this time, what is awesome! In…


1GAM Developers Spotlight #1

Series of posts to show the games created by those Flash gamedevs. If you are…


Blacksmith Dash – Devlog #3

This is entry #3 (the last one) for Blacksmith Dash devlog (check entry #2 here). It’s been a month of development (actually 3 weeks and a few days), but the game…

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Blacksmith Dash – Devlog #2

This is entry #2 for Blacksmith Dash devlog (check entry #1 here). It’s been three weeks and a couple of days since I started working on the game and…

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Blacksmith Dash – Devlog #1

This is my first post about Blacksmith Dash, my January entry for OneGameAMonth. Even though this is the devlog #1, I’ve been working on this game for the…

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