Advanced Hi-Res-Stats is a FPS and memory counter with advanced capabilities like dragging, minimize and in detail execution time monitoring. It is a fork of the original Hi-Res-Stats, by Mrdoob. Some of its features:

  • fps counter.
  • current and max memory counters.
  • frame ‘work’ time (in ms) counter.
  • Graph of fps,frame time,memory counters.
  • increase/decrease width of Stats graph with mouse wheel.
  • Monitoring feature. (shows frame code execution time and frame render time.)
  • Minimize stats to compact mode. (graph is still drawn in background.)
  • can be dragged.
  • buttons to change fps count and toggle monitoring feature, and minimize.
  • Context menu


var stats:Stats = new Stats();
stats.width = 150;
stats.x = 10;
stats.y = 20;
//stats.isMinimized = true;
//stats.isDraggable = false;
stats.isMonitoring = true;
//stats.scale = 2;
Debug . URL.