Beaver is a logging application and lib for flex/flash applications. It is able to store logs to a LSO, send logs to a Beaver AIR app, generates a log report, can opt in or out of sending to flash console i.e. trace, uses a unique key for all handshakes and offers a channel to handle Error/Fatal events within the application. Regarding the log report generation, any application can perform that task by connecting to Beaver and reading the logs identified by a unique key.

In order to use the logger, a developer must create a unique key starting with an underscore i.e. _123456. After that, it necessary to send a reference to the app instance to assign a handler for dispatched ERROR/FATAL events. Finally create a class to send the logs.


public class BeaverLog {

     * Constructor expects a unique key for the application
     * and a flag to send all output to the flash console.
     * @param key:String
     * @param app:Object
     * @param outputToConsole:Boolean (default = true)
    private static var trunk:BeaverTrunk = new BeaverTrunk("_123456", Example.root);

    public static function send(message:String, sender:Object, level:int = 4):void {
        trunk.saveNewLog(message, sender, level);

BeaverLog.send("Gnaw a log or two", this);
BeaverLog.send("The whole tree fell!", this, LogEventLevel.FATAL);
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