Jmulator is a helper library created to facilitate the usage of keyboard emulators (also called keyboard encoders) in ActionScript.  Even though a developer could easily use a keyboard encoder in the Flash and AIR runtimes without this library, the advantages offered by the it are as follows :

  • All keyboard codes dispatched by the board have already been researched for you. To use the library a developer simply create an object matching the board and listen to an event matching the label printed on the board itself;
  • It’s possible to easily enable or disable the OS typematic feature. Typematic mode is when the OS repeatedly sends key down events when a key is being held down;
  • It’s possible to easily listen to only on events, only off events or both on and off events;
  • Listen to one specific input by using the input’s name or to all inputs at once.

Three board models can be used with the library: Ultimarc I-PAC VE, Ultimarc I-PAC (untested) and Ultimarc I-PAC 4 (untested).


import cc.cote.jmulator.emulators.IpacVe;
var emu:IpacVe = new IpacVe(stage);
emu.addEventListener(IpacVeEvent.INPUT_2COIN, test);
function test(e:IpacVeEvent):void {
Debug. URL.