Logi is a HUD/Console logging library built on top of Feathers.  It allows the application to display the trace on the screen as an overlay. There are two modes of display: console (can be shown/hidden and looks like a regular command line prompt) and HUD (when the console is hidden, traces appear for a limited time on the screen).

Some of its features include customization (fonts, display settings), the ability to parse the console input so you can register a function (that can be called from the console) and fixed displays (a place on the screen to display a key-value pair).


var settings:ConsoleSettings = new ConsoleSettings();
// Disable HUD display:
settings.hudEnabled = false;
var logConsole:Console = new Console(settings);
logConsole.isShown = true;
log("Just like the good old trace...", 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 );
Debug . URL.