Genome2D is a GPU accelerated 2D engine which takes advantage of Adobe Stage3D technology. Using a powerful component system with a ton of built-in features it was built for speed. It’s also possible to ignore the component system all together and use Genome2D solely for rendering.

In that case, the rendering is done using the low-level draw methods which makes rendering simple and impressively fast.  Some of the features available in the engine include GPU camera support, shader compound filters support, stencil masking, render to texture, multiple low level draw calls (direct draw/blit), GPU based particles, core support for pooling and core support for physics.


 * Simple standalone example containing just the Genome2D initialization
 * great as a starting point for any project.
 * Create by: Peter "sHTiF" Stefcek /

        import com.genome2d.core.GConfig;
        import com.genome2d.core.Genome2D;

        import flash.display.Sprite;
        import flash.geom.Rectangle;

        [SWF(width="800", height="600", backgroundColor="#000000", frameRate="60")]
        public class InitializeGenome2D extends Sprite
                public function InitializeGenome2D() {
                        // Hook up a callback once initialization is done

                        // Initialize Genome2D config, we need to specify area where Genome2D will be rendered
                        // if we want the whole stage simply put the stage size there
                        var config:GConfig = new GConfig(new Rectangle(0,0,stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight));

                        // Initiaiize Genome2D
                        Genome2D.getInstance().init(stage, config);

                // Initialization callback
                protected function onGenome2DInitialized():void {
                        // And we are done we can do our stuff here
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