Sophie 3D Engine is a Flash SWC component that enables you to publish interactive 3D content online.  Some of the 3D engine features:

  • File 3D importation: Collada and Wavefront Obj.
  • File compression for fast loading.Object Hierarchy ( parent child relations ).
  • Object and Camera Animation by tween.Infinite number of lights.Fast render: over 80.000 polygons in realtime with textures, reflections and transparency.
  • Rendering with subpixels, perspective correction and Z Buffer.
  • Rendering mode: wireframe, solid and stereoscopic 3D view (using red/blue glasses)
  • .Interactive 2D HotPoints over the 3D scene.Scene background with alpha for mixing animated Flash elements with the 3D Scene.
  • Export the 3D scene view as image.
  • Actionscript API 3D.


3D . URL.