IsoHill is an isometric engine for Flash Player 11 [molehill] built on top of the Starling 2D framework. Some features:

  • Plugins – engine-wide modifications
  • Includes a TILED map parser
  • Components – logic on the IsoSprites
  • Virtually unlimited layers
  • Anti-aliasing and Mipmapping
  • Built for robust browser games


	import fr.kouma.starling.utils.Stats;
	import isohill.GridDisplay;
	import isohill.IsoHill;
	import isohill.plugins.IsoCamera;
	import isohill.plugins.XRayLayers;
	import isohill.Point3;
	import isohill.tmx.TMX;
	import isohill.tmx.TMXLayer;
	import isohill.tmx.TMXPlugin;
	import isohill.utils.Point3Input;
	import starling.display.Sprite;

	 * This is a testing implementation of the IsoHill engine.
	 * + Loads a TMX file
	 * + Creates layers in the engine based on the data
	 * + Adds in engine plugins
	 * + starts the engine
	 * "A or Z" to zoom
	public class NatureDemo extends Sprite 
		public var isoHill:IsoHill;
		private var tmx:TMX;

		public function NatureDemo() 
			addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, onStageAdded); // let's wait for Flash to get setup
		private function onStageAdded(e:Event):void {
			removeEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, onStageAdded);

			TMX.loadTMX("./Nature/", "nature.tmx", onTMXLoad); // Load the TMX map for use in the engine
		private function onTMXLoad(tmx:TMX):void {
			this.tmx = tmx;
		// Once the TMX data has been loaded, let's setup the engine now
		private function setup():void {
			isoHill = new IsoHill(); // instance that engine
			addChild(isoHill); // add the engine to starling
			isoHill.start(); // start all the runtime logic
			addChild(new Stats()); // Mrdoob's performance monitor
		private function addPlugins(isoHill:IsoHill):void {
			var tmxPlugin:TMXPlugin = new TMXPlugin(tmx); // plugin to bind the TMX data to the engine
			// link the TMX layers to engine layers (allows for optional "in-between" layers)
			for (var i:int = 0; i < tmx.layersArray.length; i++) {
				var layer:TMXLayer = tmx.layersArray[i];
				var layerName:String =;
				var grid:GridDisplay = tmxPlugin.makeEmptyGridOfSize(i, layerName);
				if (layerName.indexOf("earth")!=-1) grid.flatten(); // disable sorting and flatten the ground as it is not dynamic (speed improvement)
				isoHill.addLayer(i, grid); // add the layer to the engine
			//isoHill.addPlugin(new XRayLayers());
			isoHill.addPlugin(tmxPlugin); // adding the plugin
			isoHill.addPlugin(new IsoCamera(new Point3Input(stage, 0, 450)));

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