I’ve just created a new game rating category, the Brain Rating:

I loved the old school times when a player was smart enough to learn about the interface and controls without tutorials, tooltips, or extremely visual guidance. If your character died, you just tried again. No big deal. No rush away. People used to spend time trying to solve puzzles, or finding doors, or whatever, they didn’t abandon the game immediately looking for walk-through or blaming the game/level designer.

That’s why I created a new rating. Enter Brain Rating.

If you are tired of people unable to interact with your game, unable to solve that dead-simple puzzle you created or unable to figure out how to control the main character, among several others, that rating is for you!

Just place this warning sign in every game you have. Let’s stop this no-brain madness and go back to good old times, when spending hours to defeat a boss was a great achievement and lots of fun, not a huge headache.

Brain Rating Badges

We have all flavors! Pick the one that best fits your needs and be happy.

File: brain_rating_small.png
Dimension: 114×159
Size: 12Kb

File: brain_rating_medium.png
Dimension: 190×264
Size: 23Kb

File: brain_rating_big.png
Dimension: 266×369
Size: 33Kb

File: brain_rating_huge.png
Dimension: 443×614
Size: 73Kb


Old school games

Check those games below and tell me if the player is instructed somehow. You just have to figure it out yourself, it is part of the fun.