Code Orchestra is an IDE to develop flash, mobile and web applications quickly and easily
with Flash, AIR and HTML5. The IDE can translate ActionScript3 into JavaScript and make apps work out of the box, allowing Debug, JS Preview, jQuery and D3 in AS3 projects.

One of its killer features is COLT (Code Orchestra Live Coding) a way of writing and monitoring the program, when updated code and images are delivered to the running application, and no data is lost – the application preserves its state. Compilation is done  using a fast incremental process (~200 ms) and  apps that are already on devices don’t need to be reinstalled after compilation; the app is installed automatically just as a livecoding session starts.

COLT supports software development for iOS and Android and an app in a live session mode is network-available. As a result code/assets updates are delivered even if the app has been launched on another computer somewhere in the office (several computers and devices at a time).

COLT is a tool with no particular IDE, so you can download it separately and use it with your IDE of choice.