AcheGesture is a gesture recognition frameworks based on Starling framework designed for Adobe Air Mobile apps. It is inspired by apple’s iOS development framework UIGestureRecognizers(Cocoa-Touch UIKit). AcheGesture has the following features:

  • Provide seven basic gestures, including: Tap, Double Tap, Pinch, Pan, Swipe, Rotate and Long press.
  • Each gesture of the framework can be configured. “Long press”, for instance, has a threshold time for recognition.
  • Handle conflict between different gestures, like one gesture recognition requires another recognition to fail(requireGestureRecognizerToFail), recognition priority, simultaneous effect and so on.
  • Use callback function to send different state of the gestures(discrete gestures and continuous gestures). Gestures’ state includes: recognized, possible, failed, began, changed, ended and cancelled.
  • Extendable. It can be extended for new gesture-recognizers using GestureRecognizerPlugin
  • Free and open source, can be used under any circumstances.


private function linkGesture():void
    var g1:Gesture = new TapGesture(onTapRecognized, onTapPossible);
    GestureManager.add(_btn, new GestureVars().onTap(g1).vars);

function onTapRecognized(e:AcheGestureEvent):void
    trace("tap gesture recognized!");

private function onTapPossible(e:AcheGestureEvent):void
    trace("tap gesture onTapPossible >>>" + e.possible);
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