LoaderMax is a loading system that can handle swf, mp3, css, video, image, text, binary, and xml files. These are a few of the noteworthy features:

  • Integrated subloaders – LoaderMax can recognize other LoaderMax-related loaders inside an asset being loaded and integrate them into the overall loading progress and the event model of the main loader.
  • Flexible setup – build loaders in a variety of ways, including single-item loaders from nothing more than a URL (LoaderMax can automatically determine which type of loader to use based on the file extension) and loader queues automatically assembled from XML documents or an array of URLs.
  • Prioritize on the fly – build a queue that intelligently loads assets in the order specified but that can easily reprioritize any asset anytime.
  • Tight file size – Many other systems are 16-24k+ even if you’re just loading text, but LoaderMax can be as little as 7k (depending on which loader types you use).
  • Detailed progress reporting – show progress of individual loaders or groups of loaders.
  • Robust event system – easily add event listeners, including multiple listeners in a single line of code.
  • Pause and resume loads in progress
  • Much more!
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