ActionScript Notification Engine is a notification engine built on top of Adobe AIR. With a very simple interface, you can drop it into your own desktop AIR project and use it to deliver messenger-style notifications to your users. It is similar to Growl, but for all platforms supported by AIR.

List of features:

  • Ability to display messenger-style toast notifications as well as compact notifications.
  • Variable display length for notifications.
  • User-presence logic that detects when the user is at the computer. If the user is away, notifications are held on-screen and queued for when the user returns.
  • Ability to replay most recent five notifications.
  • Individual notification post settings, such as sticky, replayable, custom image, click URL, compact, etc.
  • Smart repositioning logic for sticky posts.
  • Ability to see a summary notification if user is away for an extended period of time.
  • Support for changing the notification images.
  • Support for custom styling as well as changing styles on the fly.


// create engine with default settings
var notificationManager:NotificationManager = new NotificationManager("/assets/style/dark.swf",               // default style
                                                                      "/assets/m6d-magnum-sidearm-50x50.png",   // default notification image
                                                                      "/assets/m6d-magnum-sidearm-16x16.png",   // default compact notification image
                                                                      "/assets/sounds/drop.mp3"               // (optional) default notification sound
                                                                      NotificationConst.DISPLAY_LENGTH_DEFAULT,  // (optional) default display length
                                                                      NotificationConst.DISPLAY_LOCATION_AUTO);  // (optional) default display location

// now that we have an engine, let's create a notification and show it
var notification:Notification = new Notification();
notification.title = "Derek â–º Jacobim";
notification.message = "What is this?  A center for ANTS?!";
notification.image = "/assets/images/profile/derek/avatar.png"; = "";
notification.isCompact = false;
notification.isSticky = false;
notification.isReplayable = true;

// we can also show notifications quickly using this API too"Derek Zoolander Foundation", "Now open!", "/assets/images/dzf-logo-50x50.png");
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