As3-operations is a set of async operation contracts and helpers. The package utilizes Robert Penner’s excellent as3-signals library for its callback mechanism. Signals are a convenient choice because they are fast and can be easily and neatly cleaned up after an operation has finished.

For many asynchronous operations, we typically only need to know whether the operation has succeeded or failed, and with what result. The IOperation contract describes this behavior, providing only a succeeded signal, a failed signal, and a call method that should be used to initiate the operation.


var operation : IOperation = new LoadImageOperation( 'my-image.jpg' );

operation.succeeded.add( function( image : DisplayObject ) : void
    trace( image );
} );

operation.failed.add( function( message : String ) : void
    trace( 'Failure!: ' + message );
} ); );
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