AS3ATF is a library to read, write and inspect Adobe’s Texture Format (ATF) files. It has methods to load an ATF file from a ByteArray or to serialize an already loaded file using a custom serializer. The ByteArray serializer is already implemented, so it’s possible to export the ATF file content as a set of raw bytes.

The library also has some helper classes, such as ATFContainer used to encapsulate the ATF data. It provides a set of properties and methods to inspect the file, e.g. minimum player version, is cubic, texture count, etc.


var data :ByteArray; // TODO: load ATF file to "data"
var container :ATFContainer = ATFContainer.readFromByteArray(data);

String s = "";
s+= "length : "+container.length+"\n";
s+= "format : "+ATFFormat.nameFor(container.format)+"\n";
s+= "can be loaded using loader : "+ATFFormat.canBeLoadedUsingLoader(container.format)+"\n";
s+= "minimum player version : "+ATFFormat.minimumPlayerVersionFor(container.format)+"\n";
s+= "isCube : "+container.isCube+"\n";
s+= "width,height : "+container.width+","+container.height+"\n";
s+= "textureCount : "+container.textureCount+"\n";
s+= "\n";
s+= "Textures:";

if(container.textures) {
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