easyWorker is a library to easily implement Workers. The main goal of the library is to lift the burden of creating another project and/or an extra SWF to use Workers, everything is in-memory. As a result developer don’t have to deal anymore with MessageChannel and other low level classes, just use the high level classes Thread an Events.

When using the Thread class, a developer must provide his own class that will run in as a the new worker. Before the thread creation, a few events can be listened to monitor the worker, such as if it has finished processing its task. The library is able to automatically register typed object to pass them back and forth the Worker.


public class ComplexWorker implements Runnable {
     // Mandatory declaration if you want your Worker be able to communicate.
     // This CrossThreadDispatcher is injected at runtime.
    public var dispatcher:CrossThreadDispatcher;

    public function run(args:Array):void {
        const values:TermsVo = args[0] as TermsVo;

    private function add(obj:TermsVo):Number {
        return obj.v1 + obj.v2;

var _thread:IThread;

function startApp():void {
  _thread = new Thread(ComplexWorker, "nameOfMyThread");

  _thread.addEventListener(ThreadProgressEvent.PROGRESS, thread_progressHandler);
  _thread.addEventListener(ThreadResultEvent.RESULT, thread_resultHandler);
  _thread.addEventListener(ThreadFaultEvent.FAULT, thread_faultHandler);

  _thread.start(new TermsVo(1, 2));
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