nexuslib is a library that provides robust reflection support, random number generation, cryptography, networking, and more.  The reflection and serialization packages have among their features deterministic JSON de/serialization, deserializing directly to typed AS objects, a structured reflection class heirarchy, and more. It also has full support for Application Domains and namespaces.

The crypto and security package offer an HMAC class and some utilities, useful to protect content. The nexuslib also has packages to work with version control systems, such as git.


// Class nexus.math.Random
public static function get instance():Random;
public function Random(generator:IPRNG);
public function float(min:Number = NaN, max:Number = NaN):Number;
public function integer(min:uint = 0, max:int = int.MAX_VALUE):int;
public function unsignedInteger(min:uint = 0, max:uint = uint.MAX_VALUE):uint;
public function boolean():Boolean;
public function weightedRound(value:Number):int;
public function choice(... items):Object;
public function shuffle(container:Object):void;
public function toString(verbose:Boolean = false):String;
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