Pixas is an engine which enables programmers to build isometric pixel Flash Applications with pure ActionScript3. With Pixas you can easily add isometric pixel elements like brick, cube, pyramid, map layer to your applications.

Some features:

  • all of pixel object elements are extended from Sprite
  • pure actionscript code project means you don’t have to prepare or import any UI elements
  • simple implementation for pixel idea
  • automatically rendering of pixel shade


import com.risonhuang.pixas.math.Coord3D;
import com.risonhuang.pixas.objects.primitives.Cube;  
import com.risonhuang.pixas.objects.PixelObject;  

var po_out:PixelObject = new PixelObject();
var c3d:Coord3D = new Coord3D(40, 40, 40);
var cube:Cube = new Cube();
var po:PixelObject = new PixelObject(cube,c3d);

po_out.x = 240;
po_out.y = 180;
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