PreFab3D is a small but powerfull tool that can add visual quality to low polygon models using a nice bag of tricks thanks to the advanced rendering capabilities of Away3D. Some of its features:

  • Loads all 3D formats supported by Away3D with a single drag and drop
  • Prebaking of the model textures in fast and raytracing mode
  • Optional bump in both renderers.
  • Lights caustics: mask & color
  • Multiple light sources
  • Export to AS3 for both Away3D Flash 9 and Away3D Flash 10
  • Export to AS3 for Away3DLite Flash 10
  • Automatic embed of the rendered maps in AS3 files
  • Export to Wavefront obj with mtl files and sources
  • UV editor
  • Path geneartor, extrusions, animation. Export path and animation to AS3
  • Terrain generator
  • Normalmap generator with additional bump
  • Heightmap generator
  • Transfer realtime from your Away3D project directly into the application
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