quiero is a wrapper for URLRequests class providing a much more easier and jQuery-like API to handle data. The lib has a single method called request used to perform all operations, such as downloading or uploading data. The method receives an object containing all properties required to perform the operation.

A mandatory property is the URL quiero will use to fetch data. It also provides an easy way to load images/SWF files and sounds, for instance. There are several parameters that can be used to customize quiero behavior, such as callbacks, content type, etc.


import quiero.*;

Quiero.request({url:'http://google.com/ig/api',method:'get',data:{weather:'Salem, OR'},onComplete:onRequestComplete});

function onRequestComplete(e:RequesterEvent):void {

// Loading images and swf's
Quiero.request({url:'mysomething.swf',loader:addChild(new Loader())});
// Playing sound
Quiero.request({url:'someSound.mp3',sound:new Sound()});
// Uploading files
var fileReference:FileReference = new FileReference('anImageOrSomething.png');
// Downloading files
Quiero.request({url:'test.jpg',downloadFile:new FileReference(),downloadName:"image"})
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