TexturePacker is a software to package several assets into a single sprite sheet. It has a simple workflow composed of three simple steps: add assets (or even folders), choose the export method (several game engines are supported) and publish the final sprite sheet.

It has a great list of features, such as:

  • Works with several game engines. If the engine you use is not supported, it is possible to create a custom exporter;
  • High quality color reduction: converting the sprite sheet to RGBA4444 the memory usage is reduced by 50% and performance of the system increases;
  • SmartFolders: instead of adding and removing individual sprites, it allows you to simply add a complete asset folder;
  • Trimming/Cropping. Trimming removes transparent pixels from the border of the sprites. Cropping in contrast removes the transparent parts – making the sprite appear as if it never had any transparent border;
  • Alias creation: if two images are identical after trimming only one image is placed in the sprite sheet;
  • Create heuristic mask: creates transparency from images which come with a single key color;
  • Image formats. Import SWF, PSD, PNG, TGA, JPG, TIFF, BMP. Export PNG, PVR, PVR.CCZ, PVR.GZ, JPG, KTX;
  • Command line support;
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