AppWarp is a powerful, yet simple platform for developing multiplayer real-time games and applications. Users can interact in virtual rooms and lobbies, performing operations such as joining a room, subscribing for notifications, sending chat messages etc. To aide developing application specific logic, the API also provides methods to set and retrieve custom data that can be associated with virtual rooms and online users.

The data exchange process is based on a binary protocol, used to handle communication between different client devices and the cloud servers. This reduces the message length and increases the throughput for the application.


var appwarp:WarpClient;
WarpClient.initialize("Your API Key", "Your Secret Key"); 
appwarp =  WarpClient.getInstance();

private function onMouseClick(e:MouseEvent):void
    if(WarpClient.getInstance().getConnectionState() == ConnectionState.connected){

public function onChatReceived(event:Chat):void
    if(event.sender != _owner.localUsername){
        var xyArray:Array =",");
        var x:int = parseInt( xyArray[1]);
        var y:int = parseInt( xyArray[2]);
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