Gamooga is a hosted realtime communication backend to build highly scalable collaborative applications and multiplayer games. The platform supports multiple end points – HTTP/JS, Flash, Android, iOS, Unity3D hence enables cross communication between various devices and platforms.

On the server side, the user uploads “gamlets” (server-side scripts) that can receive, process and send messages to your connected clients. On the client side (game frontend), the app uses Gamooga Client APIs to interfacing in realtime with gamlets.


import com.gamooga.GamoogaClient;


var gc:GamoogaClient = new GamoogaClient();

gc.onconnect(function():void {
    trace("now connected to server");
gc.onmessage("userjoin", function(msg):void {
    trace("received message type: userjoin, with message: "+msg);
gc.ondisconnect(function():void {
    alert("disconnected from server");
gc.onerror(function(errno:int):void {
    trace("caught error: "+errno);

gc.send("userchat", "hi there");
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