Pomelo is a fast, scalable game server framework for node.js. It provides the basic development framework and a lot of related components, including libraries and tools. It is also suitable for realtime web application, its distributed architecture makes it scales better than other realtime web framework.

Some features:

  • High scalable multi-process architecture, supporting MMO based area partition and other partition strategies
  • Easy extention mechnisam, you can scale up your server types and server instances conveniently.
  • Easy request, response, broadcast and rpc mechnisam, almost zero configuration.
  • Focus on performance, a lot of stress testing and tune in performance and scalability
  • Providing a lot tools and libraries, which are quite useful for game development.
  • Providing full MMO demo code(html5 client), for good development reference.
  • Based on socket.io, which means it can support all the clients that compatible with socket.io.
Multiplayer . URL.