baseoneaslib is a lib with a simple A-Star implementation. The path finding algorithm works within a graph defined by the developer and guided by two classes: TileGraph and TileNode. Every node in grid must be configured to indicate if it’s walkable or not.

Even though the lib provides its own implementation of a graph, which is a tile-based grid, it’s possible to use your own implementation using the Graph interface. The graph doesn’t have to be a tile-based grid, which allows a high level of customization for your own needs.


var myGraph:TileGraph = new TileGraph(50,30);
for (var x:int=0; x<50; x++) {
  for (var y:int=0; y<30; y++) {
    myGraph.setWalkable(x,y, /* walkable? */);
var astar:AStar = new AStar(myGraph);
var start:int = myGraph.getTileIndex(12, 4);
var goal:int = myGraph.getTileIndex(33, 23);
var path:Vector. = astar.solve(start, goal);
var usablePath:Vector. = myGraph.getNodes(path);
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