Argonaut is an AS3/JSON serializer/deserializer. It provides a simple way for client applications to share classes with servers through JSON. The task of converting JSON data into instantiated objects is tedious and error-prone, and can be difficult if the JSON file has deeply nested elements. Argonaut bypasses all this hand-tooling by automating the process.

It uses reflection to analyze mapped classes and can use these mappings to infer a lot of information about the JSON it’s processing. For example, if the mapped AS class uses a typed Vector to store the JSON array of a class, Argonaut knows to manufacture that class from the JSON array. It understands all common JSON data types (Number, String, Boolean, Object, Array and Null) and can also interpret JSON as custom classes or even core Actionscript classes (e.g., Sprite or BitmapData). Additionally, Argonaut allows the JSON to provide deterministic mappings to remove any guessing.


var argonaut:Argonaut = new Argonaut();
argonaut.registerClassAlias(“com.example.EpicGalley”, EpicGalley);
argonaut.registerClassAlias("com.example.Hero", Hero);
var galley:EpicGalley = argonaut.generate(json);
// or using an explicit class
var galley:EpicGalley = argonaut.generateAs(json, EpicGalley);
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